Our professional engineers have a wealth of mechanical problem-solving expertise and the experience that can only be gained by working in a wide range of industrial environments. They provide consultation at all levels (both pre and post installation) and they’ll work through technical issues in a language everyone can understand.

They’re so good they’ll even solve problems posed by systems and equipment supplied by others.


Once you’ve given us your initial brief we’ll get to work to create a detailed and responsive solution using the latest CAD equipment.

Alternatively we can work from your own detailed designs.

We encourage your feedback and participation throughout the process and as the design evolves in the run up to final presentation, our engineers will revisit the original brief to make sure we continue to meet your critical working requirements.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get it right, only when everyone is completely satisfied with our proposal will we move to the manufacturing stage.


Our fully-equipped workshop and 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing operation caters for ferrous and non-ferrous fabrication methods. From processing machinery and associated infrastructure to storage tanks, vessels and industrial environmental control units, our experienced fabrication engineers work to agreed specifications to create whatever high quality (to pharmaceutical standards) industrial equipment you need.


If you require it, we can oversee on-site installation and commissioning on your behalf.