Nexperia Semiconductors


Due to the global semiconductor shortage, many companies in the semiconductor industry are currently expanding their manufacturing capacity to meet global demand.

This project was designed, manufactured and installed on budget and on a very short lead time to allow NXP to react quickly to global demand.


All ductwork, exhausts and fans were Halar coated which gives the ducting an excellent corrosion resistant coating, Halar® is also an excellent abrasion resistant coating and has very high thermal insulation properties.


MyProtein Process Platforms

These photos show the completed work that we undertook for the sports nutrition company My Protein. We designed, manufactured and installed the production platforms used to process protein powder from IBC’s to retail packaging.



my-protein-2 my-protein

Kellogg corn cooker support structure and access platforms

This highlights the refurbishment undertaken by us for Kellogg’s corn cooker plant. Here we refurbished all 28 of their cookers, and upgraded them with a full support structure coupled with access platforms and safety guards. Wray Mechanical aided in the design process, and followed up with full manufacturing and complete on site installation.




This 12m x 10m Flowrider fabrication was manufactured to our customer’s drawings and specifications before being containerised and shipped to New Jersey. We won this project on the basis of our expertise and our ability to turn the job round in a 10 week timeframe.

See the video below for the Flowrider in action! 

Specialist fabrications

The manufacture of engineering fabrications of all types of sifting and milling machines for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical powder processing industries . Items can be made from all grades of materials and surface finish . Some of our clients require the manufacture of components only whilst others require complete assembly .


Industrial Chemical

Large scrubber vessel for Industrial Chemical Group Ltd

This large (3m diameter x 20m length), impressive scrubber vessel that extracts noxious gases from chemical waste, was manufactured to ICG’s own design, at our factory before being transported and installed on site in Widnes.